• PC104, PC104+, EBX, EPIC, MINI ITX
  • Compact PCI, Advanced TCA, Computer-On-Modules
  • Data Acquisition, Motion Control, Digital Imaging
  • Switches - Snap Action, General Purpose & Rocker
  • Keyboards and Mice - POS, Security, Industrial &
  • Sensors - Magnetic, Speed & Rotary
  • Contract Electronic Manufacturing
  • Speeds Up To 350 MHz
  • Highest Density SRAMs Available
  • Lowest Operating Power Best Voltage Selection
  • Best Package Selection in the Industry
  • Industrial Temperature Options
  • Many Extended and Military Temperature Versions
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Cahill, Schmitz & Cahill

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  • MirrorBit Flash Memory
  • Floating Gate Flash Technology
  • Microcontroller
  • Analog
  • Power Management
Mechanical Systems (MEMS) timing reference devices
inside standard silicon electronic chips, eliminating the
need for quartz crystals.
Lithium and NiMH Batteries for OEM Applications
  • Computers (portable and fixed applications), MBU & RTC
  • Hand Held Electronic Devices and Instrumentation
  • Portable Medical Devices
  • Hearing Aid Devices
  • Industrial Measurement Control
  • Security

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), Printed Circuit Board
and Electro-mechanical Components.
Expertise in a broad range of electronics applications.
This expertise and experience is incorporated in the
design of the leading-edge digital processing
platforms such as the MityDSP® engine.
est. 1968
  • Power DomiLED
  • SPNova
  • Primax
  • Lamp LED
OptoElectronix is a leading manufacturer and
designer of LED light engines, fixtures and light
fixture retrofit kits.

Deep experience in high-volume manufacturing,
semiconductor engineering, optical design, power
electronics design, mechanical design, thermal
design, and systems engineering.
  • Radio Modules
  • AIR Apps
•        Quarter, Eighth, Sixteenth Bricks
•        Digital Power
•        AC/DC Medical Certified Power Supplies
•        AC/DC Open Frame Power Supplies
•        DIN Rail Power Supplies
•        Compact PCI Power Supplies
•        Embedded DC-DC
•        Custom Solutions
Formerly Power-One
•        Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
•        Ceramic Capacitors
•        Film Capacitors
•        Inductors
•        Thermistors
•        Varistors
•        Saw Filters
•        Resonators
•        Piezoelectric Products
•        Wireless Charging
•        AC/DC Power Module
•        DC/DC Modules - Includes Medical Approved   
•        R78 Switching Regulator