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  • PC104, PC104+, EBX, EPIC, MINI ITX
  • Compact PCI, Advanced TCA, Computer-On-Modules
  • Data Acquisition, Motion Control, Digital Imaging
  • Fanless Industrial Computers

  • Rechargeable thin film batteries for
    semiconductor, sensor, medical and
    related electronic applications.

Cellular Modules for all applications in Board to
Board • LGA • Mini PCI-E
  • ESD Diodes
Silicon timing clock chips which incorporate Micro Electro
Mechanical Systems (MEMS) timing reference devices
inside standard silicon electronic chips, eliminating the
need for quartz crystals.

Lithium and NiMH Batteries for OEM Applications
  • Computers (portable and fixed applications), MBU & RTC
  • Hand Held Electronic Devices and Instrumentation
  • Portable Medical Devices
  • Hearing Aid Devices
  • Industrial Measurement Control
  • Security

GPS Boards & Chipsets • Timing & Synchronization
Vehicle Navigation • Telematics • Tracking
Aluminum Electrolytic, Ceramic and Stacked Film Capacitors
Saw Filters and Resonators
Power Capacitors
Piezoelectric Products

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), Printed Circuit Board
and Electro-mechanical Components.
Critical Link is an embedded systems development firm with
expertise in a broad range of electronics applications.
Their expertise and experience is incorporated in the design
of their leading-edge digital processing platforms such as the
MityDSP® engine.
est. 1968
  • DomiLED
  • Power DomiLED
  • SPNova
  • Primax
  • Lamp LED
OptoElectronix is a leading manufacturer and
designer of LED light engines, fixtures and light
fixture retrofit kits.

Deep experience in high-volume manufacturing,
semiconductor engineering, optical design, power
electronics design, mechanical design, thermal
design, and systems engineering.
Quarter, Eighth, Sixteenth Bricks
Digital Power  
AC–DC Medical Certified Power Supplies
AC-DC Open Frame Power Supplies
DIN Rail Power Supplies
Compact PCI Power Supplies
Embedded DC-DC
Custom Solutions